At Allensway recycling we aim to keep your business green and reduce the amount of waste sent to landfill sites.

We can offer your business a full recycling audit and our professionals will assess your waste to ensure the best possible methods for waste disposal and to maximise return.

If you have any further questions regarding wood and carpet recycling, please call us today.



At Allensway we recycle all grades of waste wood, Allensway recycling can ensure that 100% of materials are recycled.

We can provide your business with a custom solution to suit your requirements to collect your wood from your business in a quick, reliable and identify cost benefits for you.

What happens to the Wood?

Wood can be 100% recycled, the wood will be broken down to create a solid biomass that can be burned to produce heat energy and electricity.

Some examples of what we collect;

  • Pallets
  • Crates
  • Shavings
  • Planks
  • Green waste

For some materials such as pallets we can offer a rebate, contact us for more information.

Carpet & Mattresses

Allensway promote recycling and endeavour to increase our recycling rates by looking for new outlets for recyclables.  We recycle approx. 1000 tonne of carpet and mattresses each year and support local authorities and businesses to reduce the amount of waste lead to landfill.

We provide a new outlet for unwanted carpet and mattresses. On site the carpet is sorted by hand and shredded with high quality machinery to serve a new purpose, an all-weather and low maintenance equestrian surfacing. Carpet fibre is ideal for gallops and ménages providing a seamless ride.

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