Does your business produce a large amount of cardboard or paper waste?

Allensway recycling can ensure that 100% of materials are recycled and offer competitive market prices as well as a variety of options for prompt collection or delivery.

We can provide your business with a custom solution to suit your requirements to collect your cardboard from your business in a quick, reliable and cost efficient way.

A number of collection options are available from loose collections, baled, bulk skips, roro skip, compactors or artic, we can provide the perfect solution.

What happens to your cardboard?

Once the cardboard is delivered to our recycling site the cardboard will be  sorted and baled ready for transportation. The bales are transported to an accredited mill where the material is broken down to its original form to create new cardboard packaging.

We can collect

  • Corrugated card
  • Paper
  • Shredded paper
  • Laminated paper
  • Waxed paper
  • Loose cardboard
  • Baled cardboard
  • Confidential waste
  • Cardboard corrs

All grades accepted

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